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Posted on: May 7th, 2015 by Jessica

Trevor Lee Media LogoAbout Trevor Lee Media

Not everyone is good at everything and as much as you want to be an expert in all areas of your business the reality is that it’s often best to concentrate on what you are really good at. For example many business people don’t like the idea of selling and few are experts or have experience in marketing.

That’s why I help businesses who either don’t have high level sales and marketing expertise or who need to re-energise their sales and marketing activity. Or both.

With my help and advice businesses will find that their marketing reaches the right people, with the right message, at the right time, via the right marketing channels and at the right price (that is the price paid for the marketing).

As for sales, sometimes it is not a lack of sales activity or hard work or enthusiasm that prevents businesses from growing revenues and customers but simply a combination of not spotting sales opportunities and not making it easy for customers to buy. Have you tried buying from your own company recently? How easy was it?

I help businesses see and act upon the opportunities that come their way and I help them find their ‘sales prevention barriers’ and show them how to remove them. You might be surprised how many sales barriers your company has when you look through the eyes of a customer.

My sales and marketing help ranges from a two hour ‘fix’ to a full blown 1 to 4 day a month director level service along with specialist bespoke coaching in the areas of sales growth, presenting, networking and commercial planning.

My philosophy is that every interaction between a company and its customer, or indeed potential customer, is marketing, and somewhere within every interaction a sales opportunity is waiting to emerge.

Join our next ‘Ask More – Sell More’ Masterclass on the 17th of June at Launceston Business Space, 9am – 1pm. To book your space call Trevor Lee on 07785 390717 or

Why Launceston Business Space?

I run a series of Business Masterclasses the two most popular of which are ‘Stand and Deliver’ and ‘Ask More – Sell More’.
I chose Launceston Business Space as a venue for my masterclasses because it gave me easy access to the East Cornwall market.
I also like to run my masterclasses in modern business environments that offer support to both me and the delegates – which includes easy parking and good coffee!

Feedback of the Venue

Dawn, Jess and the team were all very helpful, ensuring that all my needs were meet and that everything ran smoothly. When you are delivering a masterclass it is important not to have worry about the venue.

I will certainly continue to use the venue in the future for both ‘Stand and Deliver’ and ‘Sell More’