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Posted on: February 20th, 2013 by Jack

If you missed February’s Leadership and Management Conference at The Business Space, Truro hosted by Cornwall College Business here are five tips to leadership:

When a Leader wants to influence others to encourage them to follow – remember:

• By using captivating words from all 4 quadrants of the brain – BLUE/RED/GREEN/YELLOW, you are more likely to engage interest from ‘all’ the people in your audience

• When talking to an individual, figure out beforehand and during the conversation those things that are important to the person – is it the : Logic and facts: detail and sequence: big picture and visual: Other people and their feelings

• Take time to get to know the key influencers (not always the managers) and use the communication style best suited to engage them

• Understanding what others expect in a communication and appreciate from others will inspire others and keep them onside

• Practice and challenge yourself to communicate differently using the 4 quadrant model.


Tips taken from William ‘Ned’ Herrmann’s Diversity Model:

The Herrmann four quadrant brain dominance model, can be thought of as a blending of the left brain/right brain, upper (thought) and lower (emotion) into a physiologically based metaphor of how the brain works.

A UPPER LEFT – blue Uses facts to illustrate points.  Very matter of fact.  Expresses emotions as abstract.  Appears to display little or no emotion regardless of the situation

D UPPER RIGHT – yellow Asks questions that lead to other questions.  Why? How? Speaks in phrases Stops in mid-sentence thinking others obviously know what they are talking about.  Very abstract in speaking—uses metaphors and musical words.

B LOWER LEFT – green Asks questions that have answers.  Who? What? When and Where? Speaks in sentences and paragraphs.  Completes sentences and paragraphs. Very concrete in speaking.

C LOWER RIGHT red Face is animated—eyes flash, etc. Uses expansive non verbal gestures.  Uses stories to illustrate points.  Talks about feelings.  Talks out loud or to self to learn.

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