Top tips in using social media

Posted on: January 17th, 2014 by Jessica

Produced by the friendly marketing team at Cornwall College Business, 5 top tips to give you a flying start to social media:

1. Choose an appropriate platform

Although it is important for you to keep up with the current trends, it is also equally important that you choose the most appropriate social platform (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn to name but a few)  for your business.   It isn’t necessary to have a presence on every platform, so ensure you choose wisely and don’t waste precious time. Think about your audience and where you would find them and also think about the type of products you are selling. For example, if your products are best presented to your customer in a visual way, Pinterest and Instagram would be most worthwhile.


2. Don’t fall into the hard sell trap

The purpose of a social network is to be social. Build relationships with you clients and customers and get involved with online networking. It is acceptable to promote offers, events or any interesting information you have to share. However, if you start pushing your products you are only going to push your customers away.


3. Planning is the answer

Many businesses worry that they won’t be able to keep on top of their posts and also they worry that they will run out of material to communicate. However just like anything, planning makes it easier. Look at your overall marketing plan and make sure your posts are in synergy with other outgoing messages. Set up Google alerts on a subject topic that is relevant to your business and daily you will receive a list of stories that relate to that topic which you can share with your customers. Use free software such as HootSuite or TweetDeck to schedule your posts to go out throughout the week so you don’t need to be on there 24/7.


4. Remember you are talking to customers and not robots

When posting updates and images on your social network of choice, be aware that the language you use needs to represent the ‘voice’ of your brand. Make sure your posts don’t sound too dry and mundane and if appropriate have a little fun. If your brand is more serious there are still ways of making your posts sound like they are coming from a human. You just need to imagine yourself taking in a room full of people and then ask yourself whether you would use those words to communicate your message.


5. Attract more followers by running competitions

Running competitions or giveaways will always create a buzz on social media platforms and it is likely that you will attract more followers or likes as a result. Competitions can be lots of fun and if you’re extra organised you can also use them to collect data about your customers as well as getting them to help you make a decision about a product design etc.